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Gratitude is a simple but powerful tool that has the ability to improve mental, physical and emotional health. Numerous scientific studies have shown how practicing gratitude strengthens interpersonal relationships, heightens feelings of optimism, decreases stress and anxiety and leads to a more positive and productive view on life.

Gratitude teaches us to appreciate the fullness of our being.  Even in the most challenging times, when we apply those lessons, our spirits are lifted, our hearts open and our focus shifts to finding all the things we are grateful for.

Gratitude is a bridge builder. It connects us to love, truth, forgiveness and respect for each other. It is the fuel that expands our empathy and facilitates a deeper understanding for humanity. Gratitude guides us to better understand our individual  role in making our planet one that shines with light and love.


To Free, Empower and Guide people on how to live a LIFE of LOVE, TRUTH and FORGIVENESS through the Power of Gratitude… And to ultimately witness a global revolution where people are living in Positive Abundance in every area of their lives.

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For many years I would say I’m grateful for this or that … but it was usually only in the moment. It was “on the surface” gratitude. Meaning that if I thought about it, then I was grateful. Like many of you, I have a lot that I am grateful for. In fact, if I took out a piece of paper and attempted to create a list, I would literally run out of space.

Traveling the world has given me a completely different perspective on the various complexities, judgements and attitudes of how we live, how we love and how we care for each other and ourselves.

My journey has not just given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be grateful, but it has also allowed me to share, empower and create tools that serve as reminders of just how effectual one’s life can be with the consistent practice of gratitude. I have learned to look at everything. Not just the good … but also the lessons, the wisdom and the opportunities that can be found in all things.

Gratitude has been and continues to be the driving force that clarifies my vision. It is my purpose, it is my passion, and it has become what I believe is the one thing that creates positive abundance in every area of my life.


The Gratitude Guide


GRATEFUL is giving thanks for something you already have. For example: your home, car or any other material possession. It can be your relationships with family, friends or co-workers. Additionally, there are things and/or people that we do not consciously think about until something reminds us of their importance; like doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers and countless others.  There are also other aspects in life that we unintentionally take for granted, like a hot shower, lights, a cell phone, the internet, or something as simple as having access to our neighborhood grocery store.  Again, it’s something you already have and enjoy. 

 EXPRESSING GRATITUDE is being grateful for something you desire before it manifests.  Some examples are:  A new home, reaching your desired weight, a new fulfilling relationship, your dream job or opening your own business. Again, it’s imagining, feeling and believing that you already have the thing you truly desire.

Gratitude is the foundational path that leads us to purpose.  Purpose combined with love, is the road one must take to live gratefully. It is a path that leads to things like conscious living, respect for the planet, serving others, and creating more heart space for those who need us.

What would happen if living gratefully became a lifestyle? One that flows with ease, fueled by love, positive energy, compassion and unlimited power.  We only have one LIFE! It is a gift from God and the sacredness of that reality is priceless. 


GOD, I am so grateful for the ability to express gratitude in every situation.  Help me to always see the beauty in others and to know we are all Your creations.  Today, I choose to follow Your lighted path of Love and Forgiveness and I am abundantly grateful that Your light shines in me for the world to see.


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